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Trump continued to use his personal account "@realDonaldTrump", rather than the official presidential account "@POTUS" that Twitter had arranged previously. Twitter opted to eliminate all political advertising in wake of this.

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Also, check out the chart below to get a rough idea of the performance of both models. The 16GB probably has dual-channel 2x8GB, and the performance will be slightly better. When you have 8GB RAM, the system will work fine until it runs out the entire 8GB system RAM. When the system RAM demands more than this available 8GB, you may experience the performance issue.

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The browser refresh option I haven’t been using long but tabs refreshing has not really been a problem for me. I find that with 32bit Firefox installed, the browsing, streaming Netflix and YouTube — all quite smoother than on a 64bit browser. The memory leak I experience is unrelated to the use of VPN or my ISP. I think it is a WF issue because Firefox 62 does not behave like that. its (FF’s) memory usage incrases, but slowly compared with WF. I’ve noticed though that if I connect to their SOCKS5 proxy as well, memory usage increases to 900MB. Still below the figures you mentioned, but maybe it’s something to do with your ISP or VPN.

You also need to get rid of the other players by executing the right approach. The original GTA for the PC has always been one of the most fun versions to play, and the new GTA 5 Android is no exception. The virtual GTA games are definitely not at all the same, but the multiplayer mode here is an absolutely blast.

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Zorin OS features our unique look changer program that we have created exclusively for Zorin OS. NimbleX is a small but versatile lightweight OS that can boot from CD, flash memory and even from the network. Because it runs entirely from a CD, USB or network, this portable OSdoesn’t require installation. Slax is a Live operating system based on Linux runs from an external media without any need for permanent installation. The entire Slax operating system resides in a single directory/Slax/ on your device, making it easier to organize with your other data. Slax is available for 32bit and 64bit processor architectures. Peppermints have a built-in web application management tool called Ice that lets you make sure to get the same experience while you deal with the web application.

  • The average frame rates see no more than a 2 fps change, but if we look at the 1% low and in particular the 0.1% low results, we see that frame rates have become less consistent.
  • In January 2013, Kaspersky discovered the Red October malware, which had been used for widespread cyber-espionage for five years.
  • However, managing weapons and equipment by accessing multiple icons can be a chore, especially when you are surrounded by enemies.